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I get goose-bumps thinking about it, the Floyd Tillman birthday party which Tracy Pitcox and all the fine folks over at KNEL radio throw every year for this living legend. On December 14, the sold out venue celebrated Floyd's 86th! He's such a joy to watch and listen to, and he sure does have a lot of little kid in him! Special guests that evening included Jimmy Eaves who sings the Saturday afternoon shows at E.T. Record Shop in Ft. Worth. Tillman Franks from Louisiana Hayride who was there at it's peak, and wrote a fabulous book titled, I Was There When it Happened (you can still order this fine book 318-256-3495). Frank Miller, such a fine singer who was the front man for Jones' band all those years. Also performing was a double of Jones, his cousin from Beaumont sang a couple of tunes. The delightful Darrell McCall and Big Bill Lister sang some tunes, too. Then after the break came The Man. Spontaneous applause broke out throughout his performance as he sang all big hits: "Daisy Mae," "Gotta Have My Baby Back," "Each Night at Nine," "I Don't Care Anymore" and more. The audience sang along impromptu to "Makes No Difference Now!" He explained that he didn't write, but had hits on his recordings of "Since I lost My Baby" and "Driving Nails in my Coffin", then he sang them. And he gave us some songs I hadn't heard before. "They Took the Stars out of Heaven the Day They Took Her from Me," and a lovely waltz called "Small Little Town." You know that honky tonk sticks out all over him but he cuts loose on some rock 'n' roll, too, as he did with "Gotta Have Something I Ain't Got!" I've said it before, with him walking up and back, jumping up and down, scrinching up his face for emphasis, Floyd Tillman is the Original Rocker ! The show closed with a long Standing "O" followed by birthday cake for everyone, and an opportunity to visit with Floyd and get his autograph. He has such gifts, don't miss him next time he comes to town.

There will never be another like him.


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